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    Lent I: Laetare 

    During Lent we make visible the veils behind which we live year round. We take comfort in our sorrow; we crawl beneath the folds and take a respite from outward appearances. If done right, we can quietly rejoice.



    Trying AddThis

    OK, Maybe I am a little behind on web content, but I did discover AddThis today, and I love it.  The share locations are generous, and I think I will be using this Share bar (above) to supplement the Squarespace Share feature below. 



    Starry Night Interactive

    When I saw this interactive animation using an openFrameworks application and produced by Petros Vrellis, I felt like I was living inside the night van Gogh painted.  Since Starry Night is my favorite all-time painting, it just can't get better than this.   



    Chant to the Blue Moon



     Can't you just hear the lapping sound of the waves chanting to the blue moon?

    I created this image in iPad iDraw, a great portable vector program, and tweeked the textures, lighting and cropping in Photoshop.  


    Why I Live In The South (other than the fact I was born there)

    Somnolent scent of white flower frangrance and lemon.  The creamy white color spiked with yellow and burgundy on dark green leaves.  The curvaceous lines of this masterpiece of a blossom.  No steel magnolia for me. Only the real thing.  Elegance, charm, warmth and honesty from my flowers and people, please.  The magnolia says it all and symbolizes the sheer depth of Southern beauty.  Enough said, huh?




    "Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see." ~Arthur Schopenhauer


    Digital Art Advocate Logo







    Developing a Legend for Digital Mixed Media


    Because I produce art work in so many different ways, I developed an explanatory caption to provide information about the tools used to produce a particular work of art.  I first developed the image above at the top of the post.  It is beautiful to me, but is too ornate and too large to accomplish the goal of revealing information.  As an alternative I designed the middle image, but it, too, was too large.  I am currently using the bottom image since it does not distract from the image it explains.  I like the first image very much and hope I can find a suitable use for it.  Actually I think that it will appear as a banner on this site (stay tuned).  

    Lately I have been switching between iPad art applications to capture the best feature of each.  It is becoming more important to explain that three different art apps and photoshop were used in the same way I frequently need to explain that I sketched an image on paper and perfected it in Photoshop.  Digital mixed media can involve many stages and tools that are fun to switch between.  On my iPad I have ArtStudio, Brushes, CPencils, ArtRage, SketchBook, Adobe Ideas, Quill, Zen Brush, iDraw, ASKetch, Sketch Club (my latest favorite), neu.Draw, Inspire Pro, Paint Studio, Procreate, Sketchbook...and there are more.  This is why it is impossible to be without inspiration in the world of developing digital design.  

    The need for design organization is further required due to a marvelous phenomenon - the generosity of the online design world and the need to give credit to people when they allow the use of their textures, styles and fonts.

    The typeface used in the designs above, Alt Lautus, was created by Andreas Leonidou at Behance, a great motivational design portfolio site.  Check out Andreas' work there, and Alt Lautus can be downloaded at






    Red Top Clove


    Today's bouquet in the field was red top clover. The red is an exquisite shade that almost sparkles.  The clover made a beautiful addition to dinner and matched the red chairs in my dining room.